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Clipper 61 CHF /H ex VAT*

Are you looking for a Clipper ?

On you will find:

  • an Clipper who has been reviewed with 5 stars from customers,
  • who's available straightaway,
  • who lives close to you.

How? kindly asks each customer who received help to confirm whether the freelancer who carried out the job deserves 5 stars.

Click on REQUEST A QUOTE and a Clipper who's been evaluated with 5 stars will call you within 24 hours. In case of an emergency, don't hesitate and call our helpdesk on 02 775 84 84.

What can a Clipper of the Myspecialist network do for you?

For cutting a branch, clipping or cutting down a tree, splitting your logs, or for trimming your tree-stumps, the clippers of MYSPECIALIST are very passionate. During their work, they will have respect for the environment. This work has to be realized by specialists who know the rules of the job, and who can measure the risks that are connected to the operation. Trust this assignment to a professional. This is beneficial for both your personal welfare as it is for nature’s welfare.